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Hidden Treasures for DIYers at Re-Source York

Many items are donated to Re-Source York that are gems in disguise – all you need is imagination! With some cleaning, repair work and TLC, one person’s “trash” can become another person’s treasure.

Take, for example, an old wooden storage unit that was donated to Re-Source York. While we may never know the full story of the unit’s history, the piece appeared to have been used in a machine shop or other manufacturing facility. The piece was for sale for quite some time, before being discounted to just $10. And yet, no one wanted to take it home and put it to good use.

Then board members Susan Machado and Craig Kauffman, both noted DIYers, saw the potential with the unit, noting the unique craftsmanship and fine quality of the wood.

“When we saw the piece, we knew with a bit of refurbishment, it could be something amazing,” said Susan. “So we purchased the piece from Re-Source York and got to work.”

From Old to New

Craig, a noted woodworker, and Susan, an accomplished furniture restorer, worked together to bring the piece back to life. Craig sanded the entire piece and repaired portions of the foundation before Susan got to work with painting and restoring the hardware.

“This was a fun project to take on. I saw the possibilities in the piece when it was on the sales floor at Re-Source York. We couldn’t have been happier with the restoration process,” said Craig.

After several weeks working on the piece, including adding a black bison wax finish, it was donated back to Re-Source York for sale.

“We thought with a little TLC, the antique would catch someone’s eye and find a new home,” said Susan. And she wasn’t wrong. In fact, the newly refinished piece sold for $125, after an investment of around $20 and some hard work. “We were so pleased the piece sold for that price – every dollar that comes in helps Re-Source York continue with its mission,” said Susan.

From Thrift Store to Antique Market

Several weeks later when Craig was out and about at one of his favorite antique stores, he saw something familiar – the restored cabinet – with a price tag of more than $300! The original buyer from Re-Source York must have realized the value in the completely refinished piece and took it to the local antique store for sale.

“I was both surprised and impressed,” said Craig. “The buyer clearly saw the value at more than $125 and was able to resell the piece for a nice profit. What a great investment!”

Find Your Next DIY Project at Re-Source York

Local DIYers know that Re-Source York is the place to find pieces that need a little TLC to fully become treasures. From dining room tables to storage cabinets to credenzas, Re-Source York is an outlet for great deals for your next project. Visit our Carlisle Avenue location for furniture and home goods, and our 9th Avenue location for building supplies and large appliances. Our inventory changes daily, so stop in often!

Every purchase helps us fulfill our mission of inspiring our community by being environmentally and socially responsible. Learn more about Re-Source York, and our commitment to the community.

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