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Home Design Trends

home design trendsMagazine and internet articles galore are talking about the latest in decorating trends, and how we all seem to feel the need to refresh our homes as we gradually come out of quarantine.  The thoughts of inviting friends and family inside for social gatherings make us take stock in our surroundings and decide that maybe things at home could use a little sprucing up.

But have you tried to order anything lately?  If so, the term “12-24 weeks” is probably familiar to you.  Manufacturers are far behind in filling orders, trucking companies are overbooked, and stores are out of stock.  Need a new appliance, sofa, patio furniture?  Good luck!  Even lighting is taking a long time to come in. While shopping at a local lighting store this week, I was told that one of their customers waited ONE YEAR for a new dining room light fixture.

So, what’s the solution?  Many of the articles I’ve been seeing talk about the beauty of buying second-hand.  It offers such a great outcome on so many levels.  First of all, you can find your sofa (chair, desk, lighting, coffee table, fill in the blank____) immediately with no wait time.  And what a fun adventure to be checking out all the local thrift and resale shops!   Next, you’re paying a fraction of the price that you would for something new. Then there’s the awesome feel-good benefit of keeping perfectly serviceable items out of landfills.  It’s a win-win.

Staying On-Trend with Re-Source York

But can you find things at places like Re-Source that are on-trend?  Absolutely!  Here are some of the decorating ideas that are hot today:

  • Warm wood tones:  aged patinas are the hot ticket right now.  Well worn woods are a great part of grand millennial style.
  • Entertaining necessities:  wine glasses, serving pieces, trays—all the things you need for some intimate gatherings.
  • Accessorizing: there’s no such thing as too much! Layering in adds warmth and depth to your rooms.
  • What’s old is new again:  those soft blues, dusty greens, and warm tones are calming.
  • Painted furniture:  that soft, warm look you get from worn paint is hotter than ever.

What are Good Items to Consider Buying Used?

  • Sofas: Are you looking for a vintage style, perhaps mid-century?  Your local thrift shop probably has them. You’ll find some in amazing condition!
  • Console, Coffee, and Entry Tables: Consider re-painting to give it a brand-new look.  Change the hardware and give it a total facelift.
  • Dining Chairs: You need so many of them! That really drives the price tag up in a furniture store.
  • Mirrors: Some old mirrors are just stunning. And if the mirrored glass isn’t perfect—so much the better.
  • Buffets, Dressers, and Larger Pieces:  You’ll find some woodworking craftsmanship no longer available on newer pieces.  Appreciate those dovetail drawers and fine wood inlays.
  • Office Needs:  Are you working from home now or have children doing some remote learning? Desks, filing cabinets, table lamps are often in great condition and ready for a new owner.

We hope you’ll stop by either of the Re-Source locations and see what we have to offer. You’ll feel great finding just what you wanted, something that’s trending, all the while being eco-minded by using items that are sustainably sourced!

Thank you to Susan Machado, Re-Source York Board President, for this guest post.






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