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Vicki Shaw

Home Improvement Team Member Vicki can be found greeting customers and running the register. Fun fact: Vicki loves the Wizard…

Buddy the cat

Kareen Stahle

Assistant Manager, Home Improvement Kareen has been a fixture at the home improvement store for the last 8 years. Her…

Buddy the cat

Dalton Greenlee

Team Member, Home Improvement Dalton has been with Re-Source York for more than a decade and is known for “getting…

Buddy the cat

Eric Grove

Team Member, Home Improvement Eric is a positive, upbeat team member who loves helping customers at the Home Improvement store.…

Buddy the cat

Gary Mechler

Donation & Delivery Team Member Gary likes to help Re-Source York customers with their inspired ideas, whatever they may be.…

Buddy the cat

Pallet Jack (PJ)

Security, Home Improvement PJ is new to the team and keeps the staff (and customers) entertained with his affinity for…

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