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Volunteer Reflection

Two years ago, I began my tenure as the President of the Board for Re-Source York. I had been on the Board for about 5 years, 2 serving as Secretary, when I was asked to step into the leadership position. I had recently retired, and it seemed like a good way to transition from a full-time job into a more laid-back lifestyle. It seemed like the right time in my life to finally be able to give back to the community, something that my job allowed little time for. oh, how I was so naïve! What I didn’t yet understand was volunteering is like a riddle.

What Comes Back the More You Give It Away?

And the answer is the feel-good satisfaction of giving of your time and your talents. If you want to reward yourself and also feel better about yourself, then “treat” yourself to some volunteer work. Because it really is a treat. When you give back to the community you live in, it comes full circle and enriches your own life.

I’ve learned so much! I have a much better understanding of how our city and municipalities operate. I see the huge network of non-profits doing amazing work that impacts the lives of every person living here. I’ve learned about balanced budgets, personnel matters, and how organizations operate. I’ve picked up some problem-solving skills and listening skills as well. I’ve found that every hour I give translates into something so much bigger than anything I could ever have expected.

But maybe the biggest payback turns out to be the amazing new friends I have made. And they are so talented! I am awestruck by the energy, creativity, and drive of others that are also volunteering. They have so much to share by giving away their time…well, I feel like I have actually taken more from volunteering than I’ve given.

Looking Forward

My tenure is now up, and Kevin Hubbell replaces me in the leadership role at Re-Source. He’s going to do an amazing job because he is one of those people who already know that giving can be receiving!

So if you have a few minutes or a few hours, find out for yourself how rewarding it is to give back. Become a volunteer!

Thank you to Susan Machado, Re-Source York Volunteer and Former Board President, for this guest post.


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