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We Love Volunteers at Re-Source York

Volunteering at Re-Source York
A member of the HR Pharmaceuticals team helps clean up an overgrown garden bed and prepared several garden beds for spring planting.

Volunteering is more than just those hours of community service you may have been required to complete in order to graduate high school. Volunteers are the backbone of many nonprofits that play a vital role in supporting the health of our community and helping others make a positive impact. At Re-Source York, volunteers help us keep more goods out of the landfill, and keep our prices low for our customers.

Each month Re-Source York receives hundreds of donated items from vintage sofas and table sets, to ceiling fans and ceramic tiles. We truly see it all, but it’s not as simple as moving items from car to store. Everything we receive is cleaned, sanitized, or tested before it hits the floor to be given a new home by customers. We rely on our volunteers to help staff process items, create displays, and assist the York community in being more environmentally and socially responsible.

One Hour = $25.41

Not only do volunteers make it possible for us to process over 1,500 bulk donations per year, but their donated time creates a huge local economic impact. In 2020 the Independent Sector estimated the average value of a volunteer hour in Pennsylvania to be $25.41. Knowing that, imagine the impact that just one person or group can make in just a few hours!

Can You Spare a Few Hours?

Re-Source York is always looking for volunteers that want to get involved and make an impact. Whether you have a passion for tackling dust bunnies, enjoy organizing things on shelves, or just want to share your interior design skills with the world, we have a job for you! Any amount of time you can volunteer is appreciated!


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